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QUOTE (mattmail @ 7 Jul 2008, 08:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi there,


I suppose that brings me onto the reason I registered. I have just imported two N Athearn Big Boys from the States (no I am not a closet millionaire one for me one as a surprise Christmas present for my father which I have saved for a while for). They arrived this morning and on first appearance I can confirm everything that the reviews have said - they are really impressive.



***Hi Matt

Welcome to the forum - I'm pleased you like the big boys - they are streets ahead of earlier ones by all accounts.

We have few US prototype N scale reviews on the forum - you have the loco's and from your posts so far write very well, so if you have a digital camera why not do a full review and post it? Its always helpful for others to see these reviews and they are well appreciated by all.

Just read through a few of the other reviews on the forum and go for it....

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