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Hi,As a new member i would like to introduce myself to you all and say hello.My main interest are modelling the W.R. towards the end of steam and dawn of the Hydraulic era.However i have wide and varied interest and appreciate good modelling in any scale and gauge.I'm currently building a small layout in EM,though i must point out i'm not a finescale fanatic.
Whilst i've been looking around the forum i've come across a few familiar names and hope to get to know more of you in due course.Once i've settled in and seen what's going on i will post some pics. of my layout and projects.

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Hi Geoff & welcome to MRF.

Be nice to see some pictures in due course.
Hi Geoff and welcome to MRF

QUOTE (Brian Considine @ 7 Aug 2008, 07:58) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Be nice to see some pictures in due course.

Cos we like piccies!!

But seriously I have a soft spot for the hydraulics and have happy memories of them thundering around the west country when on my summer holidays.

G'day from WA
Welcome to MRF
Regards Zmil
Thanks for the warm welcome guys.I've not had much free time to explore the forum yet.Hope to post more info.about myself and my modelling soon.

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