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Hello all ...I suspect some of you know me from the big H site and New Rail Modellers.
For those who dont ....I run a live steam layout alongside my DC 00 layout and also an old Hornby Dublo [3rail] layout.
I registered some time ago,but I've just read John Webbs post regarding the Live Steam Club on the big H site,so I thought I'd pop in and say "Hi"
I've been rail modelling for 3years,I took up the hobby as a result of retirement as something to do on those dark winter nights.
I'll no doubt be posting some pics of my layout,once I've found my way around the site [groan
]....just for the benefit of those of you who have'nt seen my layout on the NRM site of course .......

Looking forward to some good discussions on here.

best regards
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Hi Terry welcome to the forum. Good to have you onboard. Look forward to seeing some pictures.


Welcome to MRF Terry - enjoy the hobby & the forum.
Hi Terry and welcome to the forum.

It's always nice to welcome a new member so enjoy your visits.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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