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Hello everyone.

I've always been a railway enthusiast, or fanatic I suppose. I've always wanted to be able to have a model layout on a permanent base and at the age of 47 (3 years ago) I finally got my wish.

I now have a fleet of 8 different Deltics (my all time favourite locos) an APT, HST's, Westerns in 4 different colours, Flying Scotsman plus other locos and lots of rolling stock.

Look forward to enjoying this site for help, assistance and inspiration.

Martin White

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Hi Martin and welcome to MRF.

As another member of the "born in the late 50's" club I understand the Deltic thing - they were one impressive beastie. I even remember the thrill of travelling on the the then brand new HST to vist my grandmother way back in '76. The Westerns were probably my favourite at that time but the Hymeks came close!

Any questions you have just ask away and we'll try to answer it, but bear in mind the forum speciality of thread hi-jacking.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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