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Hello I David, Ive subscribed to the magaziene because ive never read such a good mag I love it. I work on the NYMR so hello to everyone out there
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Hello David and welcome to the forum, what Magazine would that be then ?
A good forum this, hope you enjoy it.
Welcome David.

I think you'll enjoy the forum... always full of good tips and there is always someone to help you out when you need it... if you're a beginner like me that's quite often.

I presume the magazine you've subscribed to is the Hornby one. Yes it is good.

Brian, in Sunny damp Phuket
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Hi David and welcome to MRF,

I hope you enjoy your visits and go with the flow.

By the way I knew that us Daves were taking over!

Welcome to daves forum.....erm....I mean, Welcome to the forum David.

There's plenty to share in here and I'm sure you can add something to it too.

I have to say that since I've been in here, I have found it has been the friendliest atmosphere of any forum I've been in.

Enjoy it.

Welcome to the Forum!
I hope you enjoy everything about!
Welcolm aboard,

Hope you're not a Davey Jones and have some sort of Locker


Cpt Jack Sparrow
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