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help/advice/thoughts on N scale layout

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Hi All,

Iv posted this on a few forums and iv got some good feedback, but I figure the more feedback the better before I start spending cash on buying all the bits and peaces
Also, I noticed this forum (seems) to have alot more brits on it than hopfully they can advise me better

Heres my layout plan, its a little rough, and im sure things could be pushed/pulled about to make it fit better on the board. The overall layout would be english steam. This would be my 1st real layout (ovals and 8s dont count) so Im just seeing if people think its a good/bad layout before I go to far.

Parts of the layout are based on other layouts from layout books that I have bought. I also plan to the layout fold away..see pic

anyway, anythoughts no matter how small please let me know

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It certainly is an interesting plan, and buy the looks of it, it is scaleable in that you can build the two ovals first so you have an operational layout and then add track to it as funds allow. You will need to think about how to blend the raised section in realistically with the other parts of the Layout.
yeap,. the raised section is my biggest worry....I might have to put the track moving away and come in at a better angle
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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