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All locos to be operated on DCC will need to have a DCC decoder fitted inside (if not already fitted). Each loco is given (by the user) a unique address (number) and when that address is entered into the consol only that loco will respond to the controllers settings. All other locos will remain at their last settings until that particular locos address is called up and the setting altered for it.

All mains power supplies etc are normally provided with a consol. So it's just a matter of removing all the old DC connections and then plugging the new DCC consol track feed leads into the rails. If you have two or more loops or tracks then the rails from the inner loop must be joined to the outer loop electrically. i.e. All left hand rails are connected together and all right hand rails are also connected together. As a precaution remove all non DCC locos from the rails or alternatively place them in a totally isolated siding, it is best to run only decoder fitted locos as non fitted locos may suffer motor burn out eventually.

My web site offers some advise on how to connect up a DCC layout etc which you may find helpful?

Good luck
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