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HELP! - CLASS 90 Issue & APT Issue

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Question 1

I wonder if anyone can help me with a Class 90 I recently purchased. The problem seems to be the armature and the spur gear. For some reason the spur gear moves up the armature therefore causing it to miss the gears and just spin the motor without moving the wheels. I dont know what I can do to stop the spur gear from slipping off.

Question 2

When I run my APT the motor screeches. Anyone know why?

Does anyone have any ideas?


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not sure with the 90 but my APT screeched untill i took the power bogie appart cleanded the gunk out of it re-oiled it and ra it for a while and the screetching stopped.

hope this helps

Regards the class 90 if the gear on the armature is a grey one it has probably worn and will need replacing, They are available from modelspares in Burnley either via their website or sometimes they sell them on ebay. The replacements are brass and I've changed a couple on the older ringfield motored stuff and it's not too difficult to do. You need a hard flat surface, a very small tube to fit over the gear and something with a bit of weight to tap it onto the shaft, I use a small quarter drive socket and a toffee hammer and so far haven't blackened any thumbnails doing it.

The APT probably needs a bit of lube on the gears, again a common problem with older items especially if it has a ringfield motor (not sure, only ever seen the APT for sale) Whatever you do use a proper lubricant and not WD40 or anything similar
The screech on "Ringfield" type motors is almost certainly lack of lubricant on the motor bearings - it's known in European HO circles as "The Fleischmann Screech" - often happens when the model is not used for a while.

You get the same "loose" pinion gear on some older Fleischmann models that have the "alloy" pinion gear - solution is the same as for the 90 - replace with a brass one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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