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another alternative is to try either card, or better still, embossed plasticard..[setts].....although it is fiddly actually matching the edges of the card to each inside running rail.....

mention is made by John Webb of using check rails......Back in the bad ol' days when I tried trams......I made my own track [Hartel was in its infancy].....code 100 flatbottom rail for the running lines, then a second rail soldered to the inside of each running rail....but on its side, so the railhead nestled into the web of the running rail........the rail 'foot', now vertical,became the inside 'check'rail......I then used DAS modelling clay, trowelled in between and scribed for setts.....

the points were interesting bits of kit...mostly either ''automatic'', ie set for one direction, with a sprung blade [just one]...which could be trailed in the opposite direction.....or,if the 'point' was only trailed from both converging sides, then no blades at all!

the big 'secret' with inset tracks, is to ensure the outfill and infill do not QUITE come up to the same level as the tops of the running rails.......

another useful addition to any plaster mix, is the old powder used inn schools of old.....probably went out with the cane??
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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