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Right if you break off all the loose stuff the track will be fine as you are going to re-cover it with plaster again!
Use something like exterior grade polyfilla powder, indoor stuff is almost as good, and mix it as specified but add a good dollop of pva glue instead of some of the water. Pva has a high water content and does two things, first it binds the plaster together better and second it slows down the setting giving you more working time.
To prevent any chips in the plater showing up if it ever gets knocked add a tiny bit of black paint. Use just enough to stop it being white as if you try to actually colour it, to a final finish, at this stage you will probaly find you over do it. I would then use very thin washes of black and brown to slowly get to the colour you want. I use this technique on inset track and rocks moulded in palster or clay.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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