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HI if you are making the tracks like they have not only on tramways but also like they have in depots where the tracks run through concrete the way I did it on mines was by using plaster of paris powder and adding water to make the paste and you get around 10mins of messing around with it before it goes off totally.

These are pics of my layout as it was before i decided to change the track design and you can get the idea of what I did. Although I am using kato track and I had to build up the plaster of paris to the track height first. I used a scrap set of bogies with the biggest flange on it to make sure that none of the plaster would interfere with the wagons rolling and not only that I also ran my dcc locos into the peco sheds as well once I had done those areas as well. So it proves that it can be done.

If you click on a few pics you will see the different stages I went through on mines. I even used some peco track for my disused lines that weren't connected to the the kato and I filled them in as well.

I hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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