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Nevardmedia, that layout is absolutely fabulous (really truly). very professional and as a 1:1 'modeller' I would be proud of it. My layout (00 guage) is in boxes and awaits a new room. I lost the attic to a guest room (gawd damn it). I now collect and fix locos, wagons etc so have a tool cabinet full of bits and bobs, locos and wagons and this provides lots of fun finding, repairing and then running (on a temporarily laid out track) these locos. I collect european style and some UK style locos and wagons.

As regards using air clay this is a great idea. If you want the plaster to not stick then using cling film over the track and areas to protect helps.

Lovely work and enjoy the modelling and imaginative life


(and his homeless layout)
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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