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Help for a timesaver layout / scenery

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Heya all,

Im planning a timesaver layout, to sit on my shelf. The dimensions i have for it are 200 cm x 35 cm. In running gauge N. Decided to use Peco code 55 track and points. Point control will be Toitoise.

I have these 2 buildings i would like to be included in the layout:

Piko Warwick Guitar Factory -

Piko Warwick Workshop -

I would help to make a layout and scenery plan with the buildings listed above. I have a few "wants" and "dont wants"


A realistic scenery as possible. Dont have to be like a real thing, but would be nice to have something that could as close to a real setting.

A lokshed from where i can drive the shunter to the startlocation of the timesaver puzzle. I would like to have 3 different shunters, just to have something different to drive/play with

Dont want:

Parallel track with the edge of the "box", like bended curves.

Hope some can be of a little help.

Regards Henrik
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Will it be DCC?
If not, you would have to have at lesat two sidings for the engine sheds as DC can only have one engine at a time.
If you are, which controller? You also can have several locos in steam at any one time
Is it freelance or is it set somewhere?

Will be pleased to help more,
Hi Henrick,

Planning a timesaver myself also.

Just to give you an idea for scenery can check these sites:

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QUOTE (ben100 @ 6 Jun 2008, 15:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>If not, you would have to have at lesat two sidings for the engine sheds as DC can only have one engine at a time.

You can use sections if you choose - I know people who isolate and use DCC.

QUOTE (BRITHO @ 6 Jun 2008, 17:17) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You can use sections if you choose - I know people who isolate and use DCC.

Is there any point isolating and using DCC on a timesaver?
@ ben100 - It wont be DCC, i have no problems in making sections for the lokshed. I only need 1 shunter to go back and forth, and as i have nothing digital today, it would be way to pricy.

@ ebaykal - Yeah, know those 2 sites, and seen them a lot!

What i want from the layout is the first and foremost the Timesaver puzzle, but would also be great to have a scenery where i can take a lot of nice pictures as a diorama.

I know in the real world there are not anything like the timesaver, but something close to.

I have had thought about making it in a BW enviroment setting, but im kinad cluesless about what buildings and such, and how i should make the layout plan.
Hi Henrik,

I assume that you will be modelling some sort of European/Germanic environment using the Piko buildings?

In terms of loco storing that is a bit of an issue in such a small space when you look at locomotive sheds. The Germans had a small single locomotive shed for shunters (specifically the Kof's). Unsure if anyone makes them in n, but marklin make to versions in HO (72896, 72897) that may provide some inspiration.

Have you looked at epoch 1 track plans Although there is no classic "time saver" layout plan, there is again a lot of inspiration in terms of layout structures and building/industry placement stc.


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Hi John,

Yeah, would be a European/German style. There the most buildings and trains/wagons are from in the model world.

Vollmer have both a 1-2-3 loc sheds and a shed for the Kof - havnt decided on 1 of them yet, but most likely it would be the 2 loc shed, where the 3rd loc would be just on a sidding - maybe the Kof shed for the 3rd.

Havnt seen that site before, but it is great imho. Already found a plan i can work from, so i just need a little time with some paper and pencil.

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