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Hi Guys

Hope you can help me here. One of those days and I have no idea how it happened and I am not even sure of the glue type.

I know its not PVA, or super glue (no whiteness around glue and it is rock hard).

What I have is a blob of glue clear in colour on a brand new loco
and I have no Idea how it got there. It was about 3mm thick by 10mm x 12mm long. I have filed it down to about 0.4-0.5mm thick and I now asking for suggestions on what to do from here.

The loco is a new Hornby Britannia class.

The glue I think is a clear epoxy (Devcon) maybe.

Any suggestions please.



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If you have been able to file it down that suggests it is both hard and well attached; there is probably little prospect of completely removing what is left without damage to the surrounding and underlying paintwork. I would be thinking in terms of carefully abrading it down until the original surface profile is restored, by which stage I would be wanting to use a very fine wet and dry finishing gritpaper. I wouldn't be overly fussed about a spot on profile either, the real things collected dents in service. Once a satisfactory profile is achieved, repaint and assess. I am a fan for some in-service weathering even on a well cleaned loco, and would use this to disguise any slight finish or colour mismatch. However, if the Britannia represents a BR(LMR) example, you could take the option of coating it in grey brown filth once profiled to your liking. Other than ex-works and occasional attention to principal express classes, LMR locos were generally very dirty indeed, and it is a most forgiving 'livery'.
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