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help on control & isolation

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first layout for ovr 20 years so need some help. trackplan is below, and arrows indicate what i think should be feeds, dotted lines cross track are what i think should be isolators (DC control, not DCC). Can I please ask for checking of this, corrections, and also any thoughts/suggestions for improvement on the layout. there will be a station at the top, want quite a lot of space for scenery, its n gauge, peco 55 track, board is 6ft x 1m (bizarre I know, but it fitted easily into my estate car at that size!)


apologies for quality of the drawing!!

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ah, noone's answered - i'll make it easier for you all, and actually have the pic this time!!

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Hi Ian.
The problem may be that people can't see the plan because it is to small. If I blow up the image it breaks up & I can't make out the various marks etc.I understand that the procedure here seems to be to use an on line photo storage to store your photos & then put a link in your message to the photo in question. I dont use such a program myself but I have heard the name "Photobucket" mentioned. Maybe if you do a google search for Photobucket you may be able to use it to store a larger picture of your plan and then post a link to the photo in your message here.

QUOTE (cunnini @ 2 May 2008, 09:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>ah, noone's answered - i'll make it easier for you all, and actually have the pic this time!!

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pls post if image is still a problem - i'm not v good with computers!!

(you'd probably worked that one out....)
I should say that my knowledge of n gauge is limited but I assume the same principles apply as for OO.

From the picture, it looks like the only place you are looking to isolate is the ends of the sidings.

The exact placement of the isolators depends on the use, if you are just ferrying short freights about then it may be more useful to have the isolators nearer the entrance to the siding, or have multiple isolators, as, in real life, drivers will only take trains as far as necessary and, to be honest, it could be tedious running them all that way if you don't need to. Also, if you are running the trains to the end, the isolator could be placed slightly nearer the entrance as it would require less exact parking.

The positions of the power supplys seem okay for the layout.

It seems as though you have a set of points where you want to put the station, is there a reason you think they should be there? Generally there are only points at a station if there needs to be. Perhaps some of your trains stop there and head back, but if not, do you need them?

You should also consider how many trains you intend to use, because they have to go somewhere at the end of the day, and if it is fiddly to get them out it will only end in you using them less. Also there doesn't appear to be a way to stable trains in the anti-clockwise direction.

Also, if you want you layout to look like a real railway as opposed to a model railway, great care should be paid to the whereabouts of scenery. Always remember that the railway goes through the scenery not the other way round. Equally, the railway serves the community, so the station will be as close to the town/village it serves as possible, although some stations have moved.

A good example of this would be Arlesey on the East Coast Main Line (ECML). The original station was quite close to the centre of the village, but it was closed and subsequently demolished. Later, a new station was built but because new residential buildings had been built on the old site, the station was rebuilt at the end of the village.
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QUOTE (cunnini @ 2 May 2008, 11:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>try again !!

Hi Ian
Sorry to ask... But what are the three rectangles?
Also are you using Insulated frog points or live frog (Electrofrog) Sorry I'm not sure on N code 55 if both are available???

Re the posted pictures, unfortunately its not really clear even when copied and pasted and then enlarged.
I would recommend, as previously stated by Tony, that you open an account (its free) with a photo hosting web site such as Photobucket Upload the drawing, then copy the URL link in the second box down below your picture"Direct Link". Back here open a new message box and select the 'Insert Image' icon. Two bracketed links will appear or you'll get a box pop up into which you enter the info needed. Here you carefully paste in the URL copied from the photo hosting site. Remove the http// which this web site places at the begining, as that will be included in the copy and paste anyway and you cant have two! Click 'Preview Post' and you should see the drawing appear, but much larger. If all is ok click 'Add Reply'.

Hope this helps?
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wahaaay !! It worked, many thanks Brian. The rectangles are irrelevant.

the peco 55 track is all electrofrog points, so i know i'll need to isolate bits, just unsure were and trying to avoid lots of trial and error!!

thx to all for assistance
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Hi Cunnini,

I'm using DCC so not so sure about the wiring for DC. However, the golden rule with points is to feed power only from the toe and isolate at the other end to avoid short circuits. From your diagram I would suggest that you need to isolate all of your sidings much closer to the turn-outs and also add additional isolators to the points on the main twin track

I also note you are using electro-frog points the same as myself. For points activation I am using the Seep point motors which have connections for automatically changing the frog polarity of electro-frog points.

Hope this helps,

Hopefully this has covered it??
I have shown additional end of siding isolated sections (Yellow triangles as feeds and single line with arrow head) and all the double red line insulations are at the ends of points and fitted into the rail(s) that lead away from the frog.

I havent shown seperate controller feeds but that easy to do yourself I guess.

You can add more feeds and returns if wished to help improve better connections

Hope it helps

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To Cunini,

go for it and get into the kick of building railway even at 00 or n guage.

To Brian Lambert,

that is an impressive website and layout that you are working on. A real exhibition piece and shows the value meticulous planning that an experienced 1:1 railway builder 'inherits'. My layout exists in a box with my passion now directed at collecting and fixing old locomotives mostly Bachmann and European but as Irish Railways have a lot in common with UK railway (due in part to history and politics), I have a grá (pronouned 'graw' which means a 'love of') for the British Rolling Stock and collect BR stuff and GWR (as I like Green). I then occasionally set the track up and play with the trains (with my seven year old daughter).

happy modelling


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Hi Basil,
Thanks for the comments.
Layout still only 55% complete as currently many other domestic jobs take precedence!!
But at least I have two continuous runs and enjoy the odd hour "Playing trains"
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QUOTE (Brian @ 3 May 2008, 15:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>But at least I have two continuous runs and enjoy the odd hour "Playing trains"

Can't beat the odd hour "playing trains" - very theraputic. (spelling ?).
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