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QUOTE (ianrutherford1975 @ 8 Nov 2008, 00:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>hi, i am new to train modeling and really need some help. i have a bachmann class 66 and it worked ok when i first got it. now when i put it onto the track it starts powering up as soon as the wheels touch the track and all the lights come on both directions at once but the train cant be controlled or registered on my controller.. on the underside of the train it has a on/off switch which doesnt change anything. could anybody please help.
Thanks Ian

Hi. Ian, Yes it would be usefull to supply more info, Do I assume this loco is Bachman 00. with 21 pin Decoder?
There is a method to remove the use of the under body switch and to then be able to control all the light functions from the command station. This modification I have done myself and it works fine. The switch is a stupid idea.
One thing you could do is to replace the blanking plug to the decoder socket, and see if it will run by entering Loco. 0. this may prove that the wiring has not been damaged.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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