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My interest in modelling is from the privatisation era onwards and most of my models reflect this. But lately I have been getting the urge to aquire 1, maybe 2 steam locomotives and suitable coaches, so I can run preserved steam day trips now and again.

I was hopeing some steam enthuisast would be able to tell me what loco's were common in the Cumbria region and the WCML in particular? The only one I know for certian is the LMS Princess Coronation class.

I know I could do loads of research myself, but it might be quicker posting this thread. I don't require any history details about them, just names, names, names!

Secondly, of the locomotives that you so kindly listed, which ones are available as RTR models, and what are their detail and running chracteristics. (as an analogy, are they a Hornby class 37 or a Hornby class 60?)

The final straw for me wanting a steam model was the pics of that new 9F...simply stunning.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...else I'll have to start wading through history myself.

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Ok. To get you started try this link to a page giving some steam activity details in the North West of England. Take your pick from Duchess of Sutherland, Princess Lizzie and a couple of others.

You are probably out of luck on the 9F. Use the Search menu option above to find a topic from a few months back where the 9F was discussed with respect to mainline use. The conclusion was that unless Network Rail's rules had changed, flangeless drivers are banned, so don't hold your breath! You could however model a Heritage Railway platform in your station and run one into there instead - or rescind the ban on flangeless drivers on /your/ railway.

If you want to be strictly accurate on "current" steam locos with a mainline ticket, you will have to get used to the idea of withdrawing them for major lengthy overhauls every couple of years. I noticed in my brief search that a few well known and long preserved top link locos are "off the rails" at present.

It should be easy enough to get a match between Hornby / Bachmann models and locos that escaped the cutter's torch. If you want a wider selection, try Preserved UK Railway Locomotives Database.

And don't forget that there's a lot of movement between preserved lines as locos are loaned to freshen "the offer" to the public.

Best of luck

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Three Duchesses have survived. (4)6229 Duchess of Hamilton, (4)6233 Duchess of Sutherland have both seen action on main line railtours. Duchess of Hamilton, now out of working order, is in the process of a Steam Railway appeal to have her restreamlined. The third, (4)6235 City of Birmingham is the centrepiece in the Birmingham science museum. 46235 was put in place and the museum built around her.

You could consider the Princess Royal Class also.

When originally built, they were used to haul the famous Royal Scot train. A single example of a version using steam turbines instead of cylinders was built as 6202 (see The Turbomotive). They were withdrawn in the early 1960s in line with British Railway's modernisation plan. Two examples, 6201 Princess Elizabeth and 46203 Princess Margaret Rose are preserved. Each locomotive was named after a princess, the official name for the class was chosen as Mary, Princess Royal was the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Scots. However, they were known to railwaymen as "Lizzies", after the second example of the class named for Princess Elizabeth who later became Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom). Later examples of express passenger locomotive built by the LMS were of the related but larger, Princess Coronation Class.

The info is from Wikipedia.

You will probably have to haul preserved crimson BR Mk1 coaches behind your chosen locomotives.

Visit the link below to see pictures of the lineup of all 4 working preserved locomotives at Crewe last year:-;page=Crewe05

Nothing to stop you picking a preserved A4 such as "Union of South Africa" or Battle of Britain Class "Tangmere" as both locomotives have made guest appearances of the WCML.

Black 5's also are a common sight although due to Snape they are very often double headed.

18 have been preserved, these being:


4767 44767 North Yorkshire Moors Railway
4806 44806 Llangollen Railway
4871 44871 East Lancashire Railway
4901 44901 Vale of Glamorgan Railway
4932 44932 Midland Railway Centre
5000 45000 National Railway Museum
5025 45025 Strathspey Railway
5110 45110 Severn Valley Railway
5163 45163 Colne Valley Railway
5212 45212 North Yorkshire Moors Railway
5231 45231 Mid-Hants Railway
5293 45293 Colne Valley Railway
5305 45305 Great Central Railway
5337 45337 East Lancashire Railway
5379 45379 Mid-Hants Railway
5407 45407 East Lancashire Railway
5428 45428 North Yorkshire Moors Railway
5491 45491 Midland Railway Centre

Given that you find any of these models in RTR form you should not be dissapointed with performance. The classes are all available as recent Hornby China models although preserved examples of the A4's may require Bachmann sourcing or the use of older Hornby tender drive examples which are tender drive and possibly best avoided if you require top running qualities.

And then there is Flying Scotsman....

Happy modelling

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The turbomotive Princess Royal class 6202 was rebuilt as a standard locomotive in 1952 and destroyed two months later in the disastrous crash at Harrow & Whealstone which claimed 111 lives.


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All right, here goes with some advice:

Every loco I am about to suggest you indulge in is to "Hornby class 60" type standards- i.e. super-detail.

Three "as preserved, mainline" engines have been produced by Hornby over the last couple of years- R2441 Flying Scotsman, R2308 Tangmere (which came as part of the "Excalibur Express" train pack with suitable coaches) and 6233 Duchess of Sutherland which came as part of the "Northern Belle" set. For lack of though, the Duchess comes top, since you can always buy more coaches from split sets, and Hornby are releasing a Northern Belle Mk. 3 sleeper in the near future- no thought required!

Other locos:

If you want a Black Five, you should go for either 45231 or 45407. Both of these engines have been hard at work over the last couple of years on the mainline, and would definitely be suitable. Both were built by Armstrong-Whitworth on the Tyne, and so a Hornby model would suit(The recent 45157 Ayrshire Yeomanry would do, albeit sans nameplates. Earlier suitable releases would include R2250 45253 and 45156 Glasgow Highlander).

Other oft-seen engines do-able from RTR products (with minor modifications include:

35005 Canadian Pacific (Hornby, BR Green with a big 6000 gallon tender model would suit with re-name and electrification flashes)

73096 (A "Standard" 5MT, as produced by Bachmann. BR green with late crest and new flashes would do)

61264- A B1 in BR Black with late crest and warning flashes- has been seen in Lancashire/Cumbria.

There was an article in Model Rail earlier this year about modelling 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" in as preserved condition- you may want to acquire that particular edition.

Kit build locos regularly


Crimson/Cream Mark Ones with electrification flashes and orange cantrails would suffice for special railtours. Varying types of Mark Twos have also been seen on charter and special trains.

45231/35005/73096 are exceptions as they almost invariably haul a Mid-Hants. Rly operated "Green train". This consists of green Mark 2Z or 2A stock with a Mark 1 buffet. The green livery shouldn't be hard to do, but I would advise you check formations/nos./ stock types before modelling a train. A good idea would be to go on a steam charter train (anywhere in the U.K.), check the coaching formation and model as many of those coaches as you want, to provide a truly accurate set of coaches.

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Hornby have also added Princess Margaret Rose in preserved condition to their range this year and this is available as a separate loco not part of a train pack. You could also try Black 5 45305 she's been out on the mainline recently Rood Ashton and Oulton Halls, or how about No. 9 Union of South Africa, No. 7 Sir Nigel Gresley or 60019 Bittern, the last two will be seen on the mainline in the near future. You could also go for one of my personal favourites Leander. Then there's the two Southern 4-6-0s 30777 Sir Lamiel or 850 Lord Nelson. All the above are either available as RTR as the right number or as a donor for you to rename/number. There's a little more for you to think about, enjoy whichever you choose just beware you might find it addictive.
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