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Help- Signal positions on a simple layout

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Hope someone can help me as I have no idea which signals to use or where to put them. Here is a plan, sorry it's hand drawn, of the station and sidings.

Where would you put the signals and which type where? Era GWR 1940's.

Also as the up and down directions are indicated which end would the signal box go?

Many thanks in advance

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You also need to fit a crossover after the Down Home Signal and before the turnout to the bay platform.
Or you need to convert the Up line to by-directional running by mimicing the Down Home onto the Up line.
And finally, don't forget to interlock the goods yard entry turnout with the traps.

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QUOTE (John Webb @ 8 Mar 2008, 11:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I don't think the 'Board of Trade' who used to authorise railways to operate through the Railway Inspectorate would have liked it either. Almost certainly there would have been a head-shunt parallel to the main line and a trailing cross-over from the main line to admit goods trains. Has the advantage that the yard can be shunted without obstructing the main line and serves as a refuge siding to allow goods trains to be shunted aside to allow a passenger train to overtake as well.

John Webb

PS We do have a 'Signalling' sub-forum within this 'Tracks, Layout and Scenery' forum which has quite a bit already on prototypical and model signalling.

Railways Inspectorate would have no objection as long as the turnout and trap points are interlocked as this provides protect of both the main line and the goods yard.
The absence of head shunt is a seperate issue. This could be over come by moving the signal box back sightly, changing the trap to a turnout and running the head shunt parrellel to the Down. Alternativly, and depending on the usage of the line, the down may be used with the introduction of an outer home and shunt signal on the inner home.

On the whole, Swingcat, that layout is pretty good. Just consider how you would run it. What trains do you want to go where...?
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