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Help- Signal positions on a simple layout

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Hope someone can help me as I have no idea which signals to use or where to put them. Here is a plan, sorry it's hand drawn, of the station and sidings.

Where would you put the signals and which type where? Era GWR 1940's.

Also as the up and down directions are indicated which end would the signal box go?

Many thanks in advance

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Thats great, many thanks, i will run the trains the other way round, no worries! I was going to have a level crossing at the right hand end, but may put a bridge in instead. At the other end i have a gap between the tracks where the box can go.

many thanks
Many , many thanks for that, In the dim future when its all done I will send you a photo of the station.
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Thanks for all comments, All getting a bit technical for me, the layout was built 10 years ago and this is a rescue mission. I am not opposed to changing it, within reason. At the time it was a case of a very tight budget. So if any kind sole out there would draw me a layout alternative I would be most grateful. Quite a bit of modelling has already been done so if I can alter rather than demolish that would be good. The platforms can be moved if needed. The wiring was hidden below a platform extention to the edge of the board, this could also be moved.

Here is a photo of the existing layout, warts and all. The tracks diverge as they come out of the tight corner at one end as I was using flexi track and straightened out the joints on the curve. The result however separated the tracks more than is really wanted. The nearest long point is code 80 the rest are all Pecos code 55 as is the track.

Distance across yellow line is six and a half inches.

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So am I right in thinking that this is better?

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Many thanks, your idea is better as it involves changes in an area which is easily changed and lets face it will look a lot better for the changes. Cheers Bud

Thanks Al

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So three years on, nothing to show, I have pulled up all the track and completely dismantled this layout, starting from scratch again . I managed to save some scenary which I hope to use again. However the signal info will get used!
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