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I have had an enquiry from a friend in Belgium who has found an interesting collection of continental O gauge train set items in his fathers loft. He has taken pictures and included them on a website. The whole collection is in 3 very heavy boxes 600mm x 400mm x 400mm in size and the feeling is the items are pre war.

Click here to view the pictures

Would anybody have any ideas what the items are and the potential value?

I have a sneeky feeling we are talking ££££'s and that there will be collectors out their who would be interested if the items were for sale.

Happy collecting

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If you hover the mouse over the pictures, you should see their name in the Status Bar (assuming the Status Bar is switched on).
Items train9.html to train13.html as well as train17.html and train18.html would appear to be French Hornby from the 1950's. The green transformer on the left in train22.html is definitely French Hornby.
Items in train9.html and train10.html have Hornby-type couplings (but they are not necessarily French Hornby).
All the above are post war (1950's to early 60's)

It looks like there is a logo on the cab side of train20.html. A close up similar to that on train18.html would help the identification process.

Unfortunately I can't make out the wheel configuration of Train1.html, it would be better viewed from the side with the wheels reflecting the sunlight. The colour is unusual for an express loco but I have seen a Pre-war Märklin version of the French 4-8-2 "Mountain Est" go at auction back in the late 80's and it had a similar colour scheme. I hope the tender has not gone astray.

Altogether a nice little collection but not much of it pre-war.

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