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Help with a Bent Smoke Stack

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Hi All

The Fleischmann T3 loco I converted to DCC in this thread T3 DCC Conversion

has a slight bend in the Smokestack -Chimney

I have another one of these Locos in better condition but the Smokestack is Bent Much Much more, It wouldn't be to bad if it was bent back towards the cab but its bent sideways . The rest of the loco is in very good condition

What would you recommend for a fix

The body is cast metal of some sort and dates back to 1956

The Main Screw that holds the body to the chassis is also inside the smokestack

Regards Zmil
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Hi -
For what it is worth, and I do not offer this as expert edvice, I'd be careful - I remember as a child trying to 'mend' various die-cast models and, almost without fail, the metal would break and crumble like cheshire cheese. It depends what metal has been used - some alloys are more ductile than others. If you are going to try to bend the smokestack back into shape, I'd find a metal rod which fits as close to exactly inside it as possible as gently use this to bend it into shape. If you manage to get some heat on all the better - some of these alloys have very low melting points and may soften at boiling-water temperatures (which shouldn't harm the paintwork). Or you could use the tip of a hot soldering iron perhaps to gently ease it upright?
But do not act on any of this until some others have thrown their oar in - just offering advice based on some experiences many years ago.
***Definately use a snugly fitted rod as advised. This distrubutes force and prevents local cracking. Definately use heat - the FLM metal will take a lot of heat compared to whitemetal so a total immersion in boiling water will not hurt the model - but MAY damage paintwork or lettering. Local heat could be applied with a heat gun or hair dryer set to hot and used close.

I'd not use a soldering Iron as the "rod" (tip damage will happen) or as heat as it will be a little too local as a heat source.

Take it slowly and if you can get a little movement, then reheat and apply it will be better than trying in one go.

Note: the very acction of bending will have weakened the casting at the base of the chimney so the result may be a fracture no matter what you do. If thats the case, clean up the base, clean up the stack and epoxy them, if possible using a sleeve or short rod as reinforcement.

Nicest option: Get a new stack from Wienart, cut off the original and replace it.

Thanks for the advice Richard and Mike

All taken on board , I will try the heat gun , I will try to get the screw out first as it will be in the way of the Rod

Regards Zmil
Hi All

Well after converting the original T3 and the BR65 I should Know the difference between the two

The T3 has the plastic body and the BR65 has the Metal cast body
I feel like a complete drongo

So it was easy to fix -once I had got the bent Screw out - which was holding the stack at a nice 15 degree angle to the side

Straightened the screw and glued the stack back on - put the screw back -bobs your uncle

Regards Zmil
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Glad you got it sorted Zmil
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