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Help with a D connector please

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Hi All,

Can i run 12V DC for track power and accessories /16V on the same D connector my thought are to have 12V track power on two of the pins for a shuttle the same on another two pins for a seperate track and the same for 12V accesories /16V using 8 pins in total on one connector is this safe and possible

Any help would be appreciated.
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An alternative approach is to buy completely assembled cables, cut them in half and use small terminal blocks or solder tags to connect a section of layout to a cut cable end. Fit the other end of the cable to the next section in similar fashion. This avoids the soldering to the small plugs which some people find too fiddly to do.

Such cables can often be found second-hand and going cheaply at car boot sales and other places but may need to be checked with a multimeter before use to ensure all pins are connected.

John Webb
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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