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Help with a D connector please

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Hi All,

Can i run 12V DC for track power and accessories /16V on the same D connector my thought are to have 12V track power on two of the pins for a shuttle the same on another two pins for a seperate track and the same for 12V accesories /16V using 8 pins in total on one connector is this safe and possible

Any help would be appreciated.
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I have used sub D connectors on several dc operated model railways and particularly when connecting a mimic panel to the layout. You can mix suplies and voltages within one D connector.
9 and 25 way versions are normally used (Avoiding the 15 pin three row version as its a swine to solder wires onto).
The solder buckets inside the connector accept 16/02mm wire with reasonable ease. Pre solder tin wire ends and also fill the buckets with cored solder before entering the tinned wire end into the heated bucket. Remove iron and don't move the wire until the solder has solidified (about 5 - 7 seconds).
I also slip a short length of heat shrink tubing over every other wire prior to soldering, then the tubing is slid down over the cooled bucket and wire joint and shrunk down to form a total insulation sleeve insulating it from the adjoining pins.
The Maplin sub D is rated at 7.5amps per pin, but I seriously doubt if that sort of current will be seen on a model railway per wire!
I use D connectors on all track feeds, point motor feeds, signal feeds, and where a common return is used, I have doubled up adjacent pins to help improve the higher currents through these connections Though technically and according to the manufactures data they don't need doubling!
Maplin Sub D connectors
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