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Help with a D connector please

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Hi All,

Can i run 12V DC for track power and accessories /16V on the same D connector my thought are to have 12V track power on two of the pins for a shuttle the same on another two pins for a seperate track and the same for 12V accesories /16V using 8 pins in total on one connector is this safe and possible

Any help would be appreciated.
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Yes you can do it, no the pins and their mount shells aren't rated for high current use. I'm always conservative with power wiring so when I use a D connector which is rarely, I use TWO wires for each power wire, with only ONE power source per connector, and use spare pins for any small current purpose such as detection etc....

Having said the above they are used reasonably often by modellers on a one pin per wire basis, so for a small layout with a lesser power system and carefully wired, they will survive as connectors as long as a full short isn't left cooking for too long.

But - My one warning. Its not good to mix active external power connections with the DCC power bus wiring.

Be VERY careful with the wiring to the plugs, be tidy and heatshrink each terminal of the D's properly - if you touch external 12v to the output of your DCC system, even for a moment, you will risk killing the DCC system.

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