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Hi Simon and welcome to the MRF.

Personally I'm a bit far away to offer any hands-on help but I'm sure you will receive plenty of help and advice from the members here who are a pretty friendly, if sometimes crazy, bunch.

The first things to establish, however, are:-

1) How much space you have available
2) What scale/gauge you intend to model in (OO/HO, N or something else)
3) The type of layout you want - (End to end/branch line/terminus style or a tail chaser).
4) What type of control you plan to use (DC or DCC)

If you do a search of the forum you will find that there are already quite a few threads discussing the various merits of the different types of layouts, baseboard construction methods and train control systems currently in use which should get you thinking about how you want to proceed. There are also various model railway layout design programmes available, all of which their respective devotees will swear is the best, so I will not say any more on that subject.

Look forward to hearing further from you,


1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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