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Would appreciate help as I try to figure out how to get a gift for someone with an HO-scale model train (in America). I am looking for European engines and cars that will be compatible with an existing HO layout. I don't know much about model trains and can't even answer basic questions about whether this person's system is AC or DC (I'm assuming there is a U.S. standard - AC?) but am pretty sure it's analog and not digital (but not 100% certain about even that). As this will be a gift I can't ask questions so I'm hoping that I can get products that will work regardless.

I've been browsing the Modellbahn Kramm site and have identified the following as possibilities - but would appreciate any guidance on whether these will likely be compatible with the system:

Piko 96947 (OBB starter set w/ 3 passenger cars)
Piko 96932 (NL starter set w/ 3 passenger cars)
Piko 59100 (DB IC starter set w/ 3 passenger cars)
Piko 57194 (DB ICE starter set w/ 3 passenger cars)
Marklin 29476 (DB RB starter set w/ 2 bi-level passenger cars)
Fleischmann 6382 (DB ICE starter set w/ 2 passenger cars, track, transformer)

Also, since there is an existing HO system, would I be correct to assume I don't need to get a new transformer and that whatever I buy will work with the existing transformer? Thanks for any help!
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