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help with photo

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hello all

i am starting up a part time business with my hobby , i will be making layouts for people , dcc wireing , scenics etc , can anybody help me with a good photo of their model railway for my business card , if you can please post one on here i could use , thank you all so much
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I don't wish to sound negative but if you are going into business to build model railways for others wouldn't it be better to promote your OWN work?
I agree ,surely you should be using examples of your own work??????????????????
But Denver
Didn't you discover the lady on ebay doing scenics?
You must have a layout
"Curiouser & Curiouser" said Alice
yes i did , and i am going to copy hers , yes i do have a layout in my garage , but its not finished , many thanks
IMHO you need to invest some time & a little money in creating a set piece to use for your cards. I would not be happy at all if someone used examples of my work to promote their business.

With permission from the owner I suppose it would be OK, but not the best of business practice, let alone what Trading Standards may or may not think about it.
Silly question but why would you want to do that? Surely if you are going to be a professional model maker your standards should already be very high and there should be no need.

If its a case of not having access to your own work then a nice E-mail to the owner often goes a long way. I have never been refused access to a model I have made. Many of the owners are very understanding and are delighted that I concider the model worthy of attention.

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