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help with s88

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Hi All

I have bought recently an s88 module: I would like to run shuttle trains with my ECOS. I am not quite sure what I should section. Should I section out all of the length of track necessary for the loco to come to a stop or should I just section the point where the loco should start to reduce its speed?

Perhaps I've better explain. Refer to the diagram below:
a ------------b---------------------c --------------d

In the ECOS manual they say that you have to position points b and c (where the loco starts to decelerate) spaced in such a way that the loco has time to come to a stop at a and d respectively. What I cannot figure out is the length of the isolated track section to which I must connect the S88 module: is it just point b or is it all of the track between a and b?

(the s88 manual is in german, so I can get nothing out of it!)

I have to know this before I go an modify my layout!

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hi Carlo,

you don't need sections a,b,c,d. all you need is say about the length of say 2 r603's hornby lengths of track or less. © first section = decellerate. (d) actual stop. it's up to yourself how far you want the loco to travel before stopping. whether or not your stopping at a station
or at a signal, it's all in the de-accelerating timing from slowing down to stopping.

ps hope this helps

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