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I have been offered a Bachmann 31-559 V2 "Green Arrow" in British Railways green with a late crest. I have been offered it on the basis that it is a limited edition. However, I can't confirm this anywhere, and there doesn't appear to be any certificate with it. Can someone PLEASE confirm for me whether this is a limited edition engine, or whether I am being sold a pup?

I would be extremely grateful for a swift reply.
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Bachmann did produce a limited edition of green arrow in br green. it was produced to comemorate an ill fated event that was to be very similar to the railfest organised by the nrm. what it was exactly escapes me now ....anyway bachmann produced these models and the event was cancelled so they were put into normal boxes without certificates and sold to modelshops instead. hope this helps
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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