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The only Triang item I can find is a "Gravity Unloading Set" with the number R.161, illustrated in the Triang-Hornby Book of Trains published in 1968. Pat Hammond's "The Story of Rovex Vol 1 1950-1965" lists this set as first being marketed in 1957, althought the hopper wagon (R.111) was introduced in 1955. Set R135 Operating Ore Wagon set is the same but with an 'ore car' instead (R.214?) from 1958 onwards; both sets were available for several years.

The R.111 wagon was made until 1968, but the unloading sets were not reintroduced in the Triang-Hornby period of 1965-71, as far as I can make out from Vol 2 of Pat Hammond's history.

John Webb
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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