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can anyone please help i am building a oo layout and to complete my shed area i would like a large concrete coaling tower as seen at larger lms / lner sheds with a truck hoist im looking for either drawings or all around photos ive searched the internet but cant seem to find anything hoping that someone can help thanx
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Ratio do make a coaling plant similar to the one that was at Rowsely near Matlock, but it is not a concrete structure:

SeeRatio coaling plant.

No doubt somebody else will come up with more information on concrete structures.


Have been going over the same issue as you. I like the Ratio Coaling plant that Columbo suggests. But...

What about the Ash plant for your MPD? What is your thinking in this area? Also the shed? Water stands - Peco?

My thoughts are moving to Walthers. They do a very large concrete coaling tower or two. Their ash plant is Fairbanks -Morse; does anybody know if they were imported into the UK?

When I was doing some preliminary research or month or so ago, I found that Faller and the other continental kit makers did some impressive looking MPD kit. It may be a bit too central european for a British layout though. I too could use a concrete coaling tower.

I picked up a catalouge last year from super quick that featured an LMS coaling tower
as their next product. I have several of the Ratio coaling towers but they really don't do the subject justice.
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Micro-Metakit produced a beautiful coaling tower ... In the early 1900's the American manufacturer C.W.Hunt based in New York, built large coaling facilities for both American and European Railroads. Hunt'sche coaling facilities were built in Munich Germany for the Bavarian State Railroads, Saarbrücken Germany for the Württemberg State Railroads, Vienna Austria for the Royal Austrian Railroads and Philadelphia USA for the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad. These large coaling facilities were designed to supply 4 large steam locomotives with coal at the same time. With their Hugh coalbunkers they were able to supply coal to hundreds of steam locomotives every day. Micro-Metakit's model's superstructure is made compleatly of brass and new (German) silver. The large coalbunker is made out of Magnesium. The facility is completely assembled and painted; it is also illuminated with outer and inner lights. Two versions are available, an HO 2-Rail DC version and an HO 3-Rail AC version for Marklin operators.

It's was available for around 1860 euros but I see prices of $2795.00 and up now.
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There is some excellent info on coaling towers etc in Jenkinsons "LMS Engine Shed" books.
Beautiful model Dennis but if the locomotive and the coaling tower are in the correct position with regard to each other then I can't see how the thing works. Is the coaling tower on wheels for trundling back and forth or are we looking at the back of it and the locomotive has nothing to do with the tower? Also how would these towers normally be filled, from road trucks, rail trucks or both?
I followed up the Walthers lead and found this model on their website. Squinting a little and bearing in mind the small image, it doesn't look a million miles off being suitable for a British model. I'm sorely tempted...

Walthers concrete coaling tower

thanks for yor help men i have the ratio coaling plant , the super quick one as been coming out since last march but still no sign i might be tempted to go for the walthers one but id like a british one if possible just some decent photos will do i can then have a go at making one thanks again
There are a couple of reasonable pictures of LNER coaling plants in the book Great Northern Engine sheds voulme 3 which covers Yorkshire and Lancashire. One pic of Ardsley one at Hammerton Street in Bradford both of which look virtually identical and two of Doncaster Carr,all 3 are mechanical facilities and from the pics appear to be concrete, the Doncaster ones give a good view of the wagon lift and the balance weights on the side to propel the wagon up to the hopper.
Alternatively the coaling plant at nine elms is maybe one of the best known.
I turned up this page using google.

List of LNER plans available for a fee?

A coaling tower is on the list. The site itself looks like an interesting resource but I have no idea if it is any good or not? Has anybody here used them?

I've use these myself:

Four volumes from small to large steam locomotive maintenance facilities.

Oh and the locomotive is on the wrong side for service.
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Hi Zep 108
Two photos 1 in Through Limestone by Bill Hudson plate 252 7x 51/2 bw distance shot coaling stage.
Also although not very good a photo in Great Railway Photographs by Eric Treacy taken at Carnforth Steamtown in the 1980's it shows the bottom of the coaling tower.
Thats all I have can't copy them as I do not have digital camera or scanner ADS
Superquick have confirmed that they have been intending to launch their concrete coaling plant kit for some time. It may be available in the Spring.

It features in their catalogue and they are sending me a copy. It is based on the plant at Carnforth, which is the only one remaining in the UK. The following web site is an article is about Carnforth MPD.


RM article 1978
I have also heard that SuperQuick were bringing out a coaling plant. For too long we have been missing this vital piece of equipment.

Thanks for the link to the Carnforth article. Very interesting, especially the track plan.

I've always thought that Metcalfe would bring out a coaling plant. Whats the betting they bring one out at the same time as SuperQuick

I understand that there was an article and a plan of a Concrete Coaling Tower in the May 1967 Railway Modeller, but we have not got a copy at our model railway society.

Perhaps someone else may be able to help you.

An excellent reference for photographs of coaling plant, ash plants, turntables and engine sheds, in all their endless variety is: British Railway Engine Sheds - London Midland Matters " by Hawkins, Hooper and Reeve, published by Irwell Press.

If you can get hold of a copy of this book you will find lots of inspiration. However nothing seems to have been standardised and every one was different.

Few will ever be able to make a realistic model of a large MPD because you need acres of space.

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