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Micro-Metakit produced a beautiful coaling tower ... In the early 1900's the American manufacturer C.W.Hunt based in New York, built large coaling facilities for both American and European Railroads. Hunt'sche coaling facilities were built in Munich Germany for the Bavarian State Railroads, Saarbrücken Germany for the Württemberg State Railroads, Vienna Austria for the Royal Austrian Railroads and Philadelphia USA for the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad. These large coaling facilities were designed to supply 4 large steam locomotives with coal at the same time. With their Hugh coalbunkers they were able to supply coal to hundreds of steam locomotives every day. Micro-Metakit's model's superstructure is made compleatly of brass and new (German) silver. The large coalbunker is made out of Magnesium. The facility is completely assembled and painted; it is also illuminated with outer and inner lights. Two versions are available, an HO 2-Rail DC version and an HO 3-Rail AC version for Marklin operators.

It's was available for around 1860 euros but I see prices of $2795.00 and up now.
1 - 2 of 52 Posts
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