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can anyone please help i am building a oo layout and to complete my shed area i would like a large concrete coaling tower as seen at larger lms / lner sheds with a truck hoist im looking for either drawings or all around photos ive searched the internet but cant seem to find anything hoping that someone can help thanx
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Hi Zep108 - it would seem that you have had a good selection of replys and suggestions on this thread regarding Concrete coaling towers, but can I just add mine.

I have somewhere at home a large collection of pictures taken of both the coaling tower and the ash plant at Carnforth which I took several years ago with the intention of building one myself.

You don't actually say where you are based but if you are thinking of visiting either Wigan or Leeds show in the next few weeks then I will be there as an operator on Linfit west, If so I can take these piccys with me and lend them to you if you like.

Incidentally folks, Carnforth is NOT the last remaining concrete coaling tower in the U.K. as is often stated, rather the last of its type - the one at Immingham still stands to this day as well.
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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