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hey! from glasgow

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hey folks, just joined this forum tonight!. i got my 1st hornby silver jubilee train set for a xmas present in dec 1977 and i still have it!. i still get the hornby catalogue every year and buy a few items from it to add to the collection that started in 1977. i dont model OO though as i dont have a huge space but i have a keen interest in german railways and so, 2 years ago went to germany for a holiday and came back with a large amount of fleischmann piccolo products and i now have enough track, locos and rolling stock to start building my 1st german layout.

i built 3 baseboards which are 18ft in total length and 80cm depth and are sturdy but now im not sure about track plans, as i want a mainline station with a minimum of 6 tracks/platforms so 4 trains can be stationary and 2 are passing through. i want a kinda figure of 8 layout so as to maximise running length too. im using fleischmann dcc (twin centre and twin control with a profi-boss) to control it all.

i d like to run longish passenger trains and some goods trains ... i dont really intend to do much/any shunting etc. id also like to equip the layout with overhead lines and i have 2 start sets from viessman to begin.

so much to do and any help/suggestions wud be most welcome. this looks like a great forum, i hope maybe i can contribute in the way of photographs of german trains and my models!
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Hello and welcome to the Forum DB ICE 3

Look forward to seeing pictures of your layout


Hi DB ICE3, welcome to the forum. I used to live in Glasgow too a long time ago.

I have similar interests to you too. I have the Trix ICE3 model which is one of my favourites and model Epoch I and II and I suppose III, IV and V as well in German outline. Look forward to seeing your layout develop.


Hi db ice 3 and welcome,

Although I still consider myself to be a 'newbie' as far as contributions go, the people here are very helpfull and enthusiastic, I'm sure you'll find it a very happy place to discuss your project.

I guess when you say "figure of 8" you mean something along the lines (sorry, pun intentional
) of Tetleys Mills, the original version having a lower level through station, with a higher level double track line (although it might be a fun idea to reverse this just for variety) set in a very realistic urban grime environment - classic!
I'm sure there are plenty of prototypes for your station, but I'm - inevitably - going to suggest something along the (stop it now s-d b, it ain't clever!) like a shortened form of Snow Hill when the main platforms were changed to island platforms, two through lines down the centre.

Good luck, and keep us updated.

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hi guys,

thanks for the replies ... i got some pics of my baseboards all set up and the tracks have been "laid out" on the boards roughly to give me an idea of what fits, what might and might not work.

how do i upload these pics on here? do i put them on photobucket 1st and then upload into here? or can i upload straight onto here right away? thanks! jay
QUOTE do i put them on photobucket 1st and then upload into here?
Yes. Upload to photobucket and then link to the image from the post. Using the add image icon in the row of boxes just above the box where you're writing the text is the easiest way to get the image into your posts.

I look forward to seeing your pictures

heres some pics of progress so far!. i cant get settled on a track design yet so am playing around with my tracks, laying them out in different ways to see whats going to fit on my boards. basically 2 long running tracks for hi speed and intercity trains like the ice1,2,3 and t are what ill be running i want some hidden tracks/sidings so that 1 train may go into one of the tunnels thats going to be at each end of the layout but a different train will emerge, creating a surprise element. i will also have about 3 quite long goods trains with all the different wagons and colours yoou see on the german railways to add some variation to the passenger trains. the layout will be in a winter snowy setting. any ideas or thoughts will be appreciated!.

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Hi again,

That's some serious looking furniture, wish I had that kind of location for mine
, as it is although my layout will be sectional that's purely for fitting it in with existing space requirements at home.

If you haven't any drawn-up plans yet then certainly take your time in getting your trackwork 'placed' in a way that looks good to you, and make sure it will allow the kind of operational pattern you're looking for.

Great to see the photo's, keep 'em coming.

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thx steam driven! ... the furniture are only ikea bookcase units!...nothin fancy but they hold the baseboards at the right height for me and also provide me with lots of storage as these "cubby holes" now mostly have the drawers and cupboard doors on them which keeps the rolling stock and other bits and pieces a lil bit protected from dust and keeps it all looking neat and tidy! ill keep the pics comin as it develops!. ... what i do know is that im gonna be looking for help with the fleischmann dcc control system ... the instructions are kinda hard to understand!. so if anyone is good with the fleischmann system, ill be really happy to hear from ya!
Hi db ice 3,

Had to be Ikea
, could have earned more 'brownie-points' with that spot, stylish and practical underpinning for the layout (no, don't work for 'em

No knowledge of dcc at all I'm afraid, a post in the DCC Forum is bound to be rewarded.

Keep up the good work.

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Hi & welcome to MRF.

Thanks for the pictures & background info'.

Like Neil, I also have a Trix Ice 3 in HO, but mine is the non-sound version.

Look forward to seeing the layout develop.
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