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Hello too all the fellow forum goers! New here, little history about my train hobby...... into it when i was ~9-10 with my dads old triang layout, i soon got my own a modern diesel setup, it was good lots of scenery, tunnels etc but my layout got lost when moving house (its beyond me how something so big can get lost!) i then kinda forgot about my hobby untill 4 weeks ago (i'm 20 now). As of yestarday i am the pround owner of several new locos (all modern era) a lot of freight and carriges and more track than you can shake a stick at, so it all begins again! but i am in desparate need of layout advice etc hence me joinging these forums!

thanks, Paul

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Welcome tothe asylum,

Ask away, you'll get more different answers and opinions here than you can shake a forest at!!


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