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QUOTE (tornado @ 27 Sep 2008, 07:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>been collecting lms and gwr plus other assorted items since 2002 and had loft converted in 2003 but still not started on building my layout tho have lots track plans

looking at 12ft by 6ft with tunnels for track to disapear into the eaves, the eaves are boreded with access doors so will proberly lay track on raised bed behind eves so they come out of tunnel other side of layout , now one question

most of my locos are bachmann / hornby/mainline and date from 80`s onwards and some are new hornby and bachmann but not dcc ready so should i go for dcc convertion as my model shop suggests or stick with anologe ?
they will supply the digital unit and fit the chips for £10 on each loco the chips will be free if i but the box off them
not sure on value of old mallard etc hornby locos and mainline ones so is it worth converting to the new digital age?

thx for a great forum and hope to show progress of my layout when start building durin the winter months

***Be careful - That price seems just too good to be true, and probably means the bottom end of everything quality wise. A wrong decision as to decoder brand and controller brand will bring you lots of disappointment.

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