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hi all

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hi all just introducing myself, names Adam and am well into toy steam but have now got the bug on clockwork hornby. i run all my stock on mamod track
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Hi Adam welcome to the forum. I think you'll find theres something for all types of model rail here.
thanks Neil for the welcome, i have been looking for a good forum for some time and hope to be a active member
Welcome to the forums Adam. It's some time since I had contact with a spring enthusiast. Great.
yep i'v fallen in love with them,but i know nothing at all about them .I have two engines and lots of trucks, i have track but i use my mamod track as its easy to set up. One thing that puzzels me is that the locos are differant sizes but both run on the same track
Hi Adam and welcome to the forum.

Your introduction makes me feel old, as the first loco I can ever remember playing with as a child was a Hornby Doublo clockwork loco belonging to my older cousin. From memory it was tinplate, green, lined in yellow (or red), had a tender and was new ! Later the same cousin introduced me to the wonders of three rail electric locos.

Happy memories and we didn't give a tinker's cuss about how close to the prototype the beauty was.
Enjoy your collection and best of luck.
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