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Hi all. I am Pete, I live in Liverpool and I have been lurking on this forum for some time now, reading all the topics and taking in a lot of new knowledge, and debating with myself whether to jump back in the water again. I have had a dip a few times in the past years but never really got there due to other commitments. I am 55 now, and with a bit more time to spare and who knows how long to go.
I have quite a bit of old stock from my last venture which was dismantled in 1985 due to a house move, and has been stored in unopened boxes since. I was surprised by what I had forgotten I had. A lot of it is Mainline and Airfix which had never been run and still in their boxes, (I have read about the problems I could have with them) and a few old Triang Hornby locos, about 30 locos in all. A couple of unmade Kays kits, and some half built ones that will now stay that way. That was my fault in those days, I never finished anything.
I am going to build an M.P.D. layout. I have a half built LMS coaling tower I started making in 1985, (some were probably built and demolished in less time) and I couldn't resist buying the new Heljan turntable, on which I've taken the cabin off and fitted the vacuum and winding gear from an Airfix kit, (looks a bit more British now). You may have already guessed, I am a kettle fan.
I am still undecided over the control. I have learnt a lot from reading the DCC threads, and I know it is the right way to go, but…….
I will be making a start in the loft on some baseboards this weekend and I will be taking photos as I go so you can see my efforts.

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Welcome to the forum Pete,

I can only echo what dbc50 has already said


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