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Hello to all
I have just signed up to the forum, I have been "messing" with a layout for many months now, still trying to decide on the best way forward, maybe I shall get new ideas from here and assistance if I ask?
Hopefully in the long term I shall also be able to make my own little contributions.

Big H

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Hi there Big H and welcome to MRF.

As Doug says you should certainly benefit from the collective wisdom here.

Any questions fire away - eventually you will get the answer you seek.


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Hi Big H,

Welcome to the Forum. Floating layout ideas or just asking for suggestions usually gets a good response and a variety of ideas, so ask away.


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QUOTE (Big H @ 4 Dec 2008, 11:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>still trying to decide on the best way forward

LMS steam - 1923 to 1948 is the ONLY way forward....anything else will not be tolerated....

Hi big H and welcome to the forum. Please excuse my sense of humor! You'll find the guys here more than helpful with almost any question so fire away as they come up and before long you'll find yourself answering others question. Its a great hobby!

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