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Hello Everyone, Just joined up to the forum today.

I'm Mark, 33 and just recently got back into the modelling scene. As a young kid i used to have a small layout - nothing to spectacular, and i used to love travelling the country between 1980 and say 1990 taking in locos such as the 50's, 47's, 33's, 37's etc.. a real golden era i thought - since about 1991 my interest died off with the demise of these locos and the introduction of the charactlerless sprinters, 158s etc, etc...! however recenlty thro buying mags, videos i've rekindled my interest in the period from about 1980 - 1993, therefore i've decided to model again ! i've gone for a fairly simple layout to start off with (due to space) and one of my favourite locations when i was younger, i'm starting up a replica model of Par station in cornwall and so far i've acquired the following (mainly from ebay)

50002 - superb (weathered) hornby
47805 - Heljan 47 intercity livery
47635 - Heljan 47 blue large logo
50017 - weathered and detailed lima
50021 - weathered and detailed lima
37671 - Tre pol and pen - weathered and detailed bachmann
37678 - railfreight livery - weathered and detailed bachmann

i've about 10 coaches (Mk II and MkIID) but need to acquire some china clay wagons, i've got plenty of scenic material and track and signalling etc... i just need to buy the last thing - the board itself ! but really looking forward to getting up and running and gaining useful info from others people on this board !

Cheers - Mark.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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