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Hello all, just a quick line to introduce myself.

I'm Chris and have just decided to resurrect a layout I started in the loft of my old house. Moved 12 years ago so thought it was time to have another go. Have just boarded the loft and decided to strip the old layout down and am in the process of making new layout boards. I have also decided to go DCC as it is going to be a complete new layout, so I will need all the help I can get.

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Hi Chris and welcome to the MRF

I too am returning to the hobby after several years (had a track laid as a teen ager but girls and booze caught my attention more!) I consider my self to be a newbie and have recieved lots of helpfull advice and information from fellow members. It seems no matter how obscure the question, someone will always be able to answer it!
Happy modelling

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Hi Chris and welcome aboard

As has been said, any question no matter how trivial, just ask away and we'll do our best to give you the definitive answer. (or possibly several of them!)

By the handle I assume that you live or have lived in West Bromwich at some point.

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