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Hi folks

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I started in N Gauge back in 1972 but have had a break since 1988 due to work and house moves.
Have started a new layout (3m x 1.8m White Rose Modelworks baseboards now erected) for a GWR / LMS / early years of nationalization layout with ESU ECoS DCC.
Hope to learn and contribute to this active forum.
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Brian - thanks for the welcome. This seems to be the most active and knowledgeable of the forums I have looked at recently. Hope to make a contribution.

egg and chips

I know there are quite a number of N gauge modellers in the county, but most I know have modern image interests so another steam person is most welcome.

My layout will be based on the Gloucester to Bristol which had both LMS & GWR interests and have acquired a lot of info from the Middleton Press publication Gloucester to Bristol. They do publish several books relevant to SDJR in their Country Railway Route series.
On their website there is a list of all the stations covered in their books (all have track diagrams where relevant as far as I know)

Contact me using PM and see if we can set something up in the way of help. I use a design program called RailModeller which is Apple Mac only but it does produce very accurate drawings in a variety of scales including 1:1.

Thanks for the welcome BRITHO.

The Bristol - Gloucester is an interesting area from the railway history area as you probably know. The MR outbid the GWR for the Bristol & Gloucester Railway in 1845 but still paid rent to the GWR for the section north of Standish Junction until 1864 even though it had its own tracks.

I am turning that around a bit as though the GWR had won the bidding for the section south and using a bit of modellers license around the Charfield / Wickwar area.

The choice of stock far exceeds the number of staging tracks I can fit in (5 each way, all of which are between 1300mm & 1700mm) so I have my work cut out. I will try and remember to post some photo's as I go along.

Thanks Brian

The wife and I originate from Bedfordshire and got to Jolly Fisherman Town via Dorset & Devon back in 2004.

Your right about the friendly site - seems to be a great bunch of folks and knowledgeable.

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