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I've posted on the list a few times now but haven't introduced myself.

My grandparent's house backed onto the East Grinstead/Uckfield just south of Sanderstead. I used to spend happy summer evenings just watching the trains go by and can just about remember N class, the occasional Schools, Standard 4-6-2 tanks, and the odd Bulleid streamlined light pacific, before the 33s and 3-car DMU. It's now electrified. On holiday in Lyme Regis, my grandad took me to look at the station just as a train pulled in - the driver asked if I'd like to ride the footplate as he went round the loop to the front of the train. Wow! And that's when I fell in love with trains. Today, of course, it'd be Health and Safety.

Those of you who know SR will know that Purley Oaks station is pretty close to Sanderstead; I used to stroll down there to meet my mum from the train in the early 60s, and enjoyed watching the 6-Pul, 2-Bil, 5-Bel, 4-Cor etc. rattle past, along with the ubiquitous 4-Subs. My mum took me on one of the last steam-hauled Bournemouth Belles which was great.

I love the station architecture on the Sanderstead-East Grinstead-(Bluebell)-Lewes line. First visited Scotland in 1966 by sleeper which felt very exciting at the time. Managed to see one of the last working A4s clank light to King's Cross.

When I get the time to start modelling again it'll probably be a hybrid SR/Scottish effort (apologies to purists). Meantime, this is a very warm and welcoming site. Thanks for having me as a member.


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Hi Mal and welcome,

My first love has always been the Southern and BR(S), so quite how I ended up modelling tne SNCB in the Ardennes completely escapes me.

Not so sure about the Scottish side as I never really had a chance to get there, well once on an around Britain rail tour in the mid 70's, 2 x class 27 I think.....


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Welcome to the Forum.

QUOTE East Grinstead-(Bluebell)

I was just reading the latest progress reports on the Bluebell line at the weekend. The progress clearing the waste tip just south of the viaduct seems to be picking up. It will be a great trip once it's completed.


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Neil is slightly biased - he's a Scotsman!

I, on the other hand, am a Southerner, so would urge you to stay with the SR or BR(SR)!

WHichever you choose, take Doug's advice and ignore the bit in between!

Oh, and welcome, too.
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