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Hi from Far North of NZ

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My previous hobby of RC planes has folded (as the nearest airfield is now 3 hours drive) so I need a new method of squandering time and money
. Model rail appeals as it is suitable for wet and/or Winter days, but I am not a 'modeller' so will be buying in most of the rolling stock etc. Rather than leaping in with both feet I am researching what I can first, but expert advice is helpful (again the nearest Club is 3 hours + away). A couple of questions (may be wrong sub forum):

- My baseboard space will be 10' x 3' - accessible from long side and one end. I could go a little wider but my arm length doesn't reach 4'. Is this width going to be a major constraint in OO/HO given I was hoping for a double oval +. The alternative is N gauge but would prefer not to.

- My initial idea is to go with a British period setup (to have more fun with the scenery
. I will go straight to DCC if possible to save money later. Should I standardise on Hornby or Bachmann - thinking cost, quality, DCC system....? I will be mainly buying from Amazon (Hornby from UK or Bachmann from US). In terms of shipping the US is probably easier. Appreciate this is a personal preference (which I don't have yet).

Any other advice appreciated - I am a blank slate

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Welcome Kiwibarge.

Firstly 10' x 3' is perfect for a simple shunting layout but not for a double track oval in 00/H0 as even the smallest track requires 29" diameter & the next size up #2 requires 35" diameter and that is the smallest that some Bachmann & Hornby locos will traverse .

Note that even with 35" diameter curves, long coaches look slightly ridiculous - one modeller in the US only uses 36" radius curves - I assume he has more room.

That is where N scale stands out with diameters from 18" then upwards to 21" and nearly 24" diameter. These figures for both scales, are Peco Setrack

Secondly. DCC is the way I would go as it allows a multitude of things that DC can only dream about - of course it is dearer.
If you can find this book by Iain Rice,

from this list

it IMHO, is a good purchase
Hornby don't do N scale but there plenty of USA & European outline from other manufacturers.
Bachmann Graham Farish do UK N scale
1 - 3 of 56 Posts
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