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Hello, late to the party.

I have; and am trying to reinstate a temporary layout on an old table-tennis table (approx. 130cm x 230cm). I say "old" because it as actually almost cabinet-made from real, solid wood framing and I suspect it's from the late 60's or early 70's. It folds in half and has foldable legs. Obviously it can't take permanent fixtures, but that isn't important to me right now. I have covered it in felt to minimise damage from derailments.

Another option that we southern hemisphere folk don't see anything of is FREMO. Here's the Fremo Europe website
Even though I am using marklin's three-rail system, I am seriously considering this as a layout option.

One benefit I can see is that the modules can combine the idea of a 'shelf layout' in a practical setting. For me, it would create the opportunity to build achievable modelling without the pressure of having to complete one huge layout over time - and maybe never completing it. Manageable chunks.

Just food for thought. Good luck with your projects!
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