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I'm josh, I have been modelling for the last 7 years and currently occupy 2 layouts, 1 GWr and 1 Br blue

I hope to convert th br blue one to dcc sound with either a dynamis or nce powercab. They layout is shunting with a passenger line, 8 ft long x 14 inches wide including fiddle yard. I run a class 20, 08, 108 and pre converted rr 153. This layout is all underconstruction wiring and scenery still needs to finished

My other layout is GWR and is once again 6ft scenic but this time with cassettes, This one is also in the works and so far all I ahve done is lay the track and fit the point motors. On this I will run a 45xx, 57xx and 0-4-2!

More about me, I am a very usical person and play bass, guitar and drums.

I look forward to posting on this forum and getting invloved


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Hi Josh and welcome to the forum.

Hope you enjoy it and the modelling. Not very musical but can run a 24 channel mixing desk!

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