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Hi from the great white north

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Hi all
I have been visiting this forum for a while now. My name is Dave and live in Edmonton Canada, I am modelling the British Steam era. I am in the early stages as I need to finnish the basement of my new home before I can get serious. I have set up a test bench and using dcc, I have lots of questions regarding dcc so please be patient with some of my rather dumb questions.
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A very warm welcome to the forums Crispy. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
Hello and welcome to the forum crispycritter.
Welcome to the forum Dave, anyone is welcome, but a Canadian modelling British Outline must have the best of both worlds!! Enjoy your membership of this forum .... it's the best one on line!!!
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A Canadian I am, but was born and raised in the UK hence the interest in modelling British outline
As usual I hit post before I have finnished, Thank you all for the warm welcome
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