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Hi, I'm Matt

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I'm new to this forum.

I used to model OO and then N when I was a teenager (long time ago in the UK)

Now I live in Texas

But two years ago I got back into model railways when I inherited a whole bunch of OO from my wife's uncle. So now I'm working on a modest OO layout, it's a 40's/50's steam era of a ficticous location somewhere in England.
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Hi Matt, welcome to the forum.
You'll not be alone as an American resident, modelling in OO and contributing to our site. As always, I'm sure you'll find us a happy, helpful bunch.
Best of luck.
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It would be nice to know if there are other people in the US in the same situation as me.

There is quite an avid model railway community here in Austin but I've not met anyone yet interested in the British scene.

Apart from Peco track, scenic materials and DCC, I have to order everything from the UK. Or bring back stuff when I go over to visit.
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I live in California and model German N-Scale prototype so it's somewhat similar for me. I cannot go into a local hobby shop and find what I want.
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