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Hi, I'm new to your forum and just finding my feet.

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Hi, I'm new to your forum and just finding my feet. I suppose I should Introduce myself to those who don't know me. Well my name is Martin I'm 25 on the 29th of March, don't spend to much on me, tho I am worth it
. I live in the great city of Leeds?? Pudsey for those who know of this Town. I work for a Soft Drinks Factory "Britvic Soft Drinks" as an Electronics Engineer, Well I'm training at the minute. I'm still new to railways/model Railways and hope to gain some skills and knowledge from from this forum and forums alike. I am the soul creator of the OO gauge Layout Named Levington. It is a loft Layout 10x12 ft, running on Dcc. I enjoy to scratch build all I can for my layout but I have built some kits for the layout to. The Layout isn't based on any time period it is more a working Preservation line. Everyone is welcome around for a coffee.
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Welcome, Martin, to the MRF. I'm sure you'll find plenty to interest you - the DCC section is a very active as you may have already noted.

I see your choice of layout location has gone along similar lines to me - I decided to deliberately model a 'preserved' railway, on the grounds I could then run a wide mixture of locos and rolling stock without upsetting anyone who likes prototypical operation. I was particularly inspired by the Keighley & Worth Valley line, which I have visited many times while on holiday in Yorkshire.
John Webb
Hi Martin & welcome to the forum.

Plenty of advice & discussion here.

BTW - was in Leeds last Friday - pity I did'nt know about the invite for coffee (probably no where to park the truck !
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That was a shame we had some Jaffa cakes in too, You would of been able to park the truck up during the day but on an evening its like everyone with a car parks it out side our house.
Hello Martin and welcome aboard.

Like a model railway club, but on-line, this is a good place to seek advice when needed and show off the results of your modelling efforts.

Hi Martin and welcome to the forum.

I like the layout, some nice touches.

If you go on the DCC threads be sure too wear your hard hat


Thanks for the warm welcome.
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