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HI Im Tom

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hi my name is tom im 15 and im intrested in model railways i am starting to build a layout but a move of house soon and gcses stop some of the progress:( any way i use dcc control with my zeypher wich i aim to replace with something a bit better.
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Hi Tom & welcome to MRF - plenty of advice available here if needed.

Look forward to hearing your progress & good luck with the GCSE's.
Hi Tom welcome. I am a newbie here and a bit older (My eldest son is 15 and revising for exams) but think of the modelling time you`ll have when the exams are done. I rebuilt my fathers and mine layout after i finished exams. It was a hot summer in 1980 and i laid over 200 yards of track in a hot loft.
Welcome to the forum Tom & Good Luck with the exams.
At the risk of sounding a little cliched, it's good that we're getting a few younger members who are interested in the hobby.

Welcome, Tom, and likewise, good luck with your exams (from secondary school teacher in Australia!!).
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Hi Tom and welcome to the forum,

I agree with others when I say it's good to see a new generation joining the hobby it can only mean the movement grows and strengthens.

Good luck with the exams from one who took 'O' levels.

Hello Tom, welcome to the forum, very best of luck with your Model railway interest and of course your exams.
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